Asphalt resurfacing has to be one of the easiest and most cost effective when compared to concrete and gravel resurfacing. Asphalt can be quickly removed, and is also one of the quickest materials to relay. As asphalt is also one of the best road surfaces available, it makes it an ideal surface for our road network.

To relay an asphalt surface, the old layer first needs to be removed. This is probably the most labour intensive task of the entire operation. Specialist machinery can help however, and it’s common to have one team dismantling the old surface, while a second team begins laying the new road behind. This technique allows entire roads to be resurfaced very quickly.

On roads with more than one lane, it’s also possible for asphalt resurfacing teams to resurface an entire road without the need to divert traffic. Traffic light systems can be used to direct traffic onto the lane that isn’t being worked on while the other lane is resurfaced. Because asphalt has no curing time, traffic can usually use it the moment the asphalt resurfacing is complete, meaning workmen can then switch to the other lane and begin the process again.

Asphalt resurfacing can also be carried out on small patches of road if defects, potholes or cracks are reported. Teams can very quickly deal with these problems without disrupting traffic at all. Asphalt resurfacing is also commonly carried out after new pipes or utility companies lay cables.

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Austek Asphalt Services is a Brisbane based asphalt company servicing South East Queensland including the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast , Toowoomba, Kilcoy and Wide Bay Regions. Offering the full range of asphalt services for both domestic and commercial customers we are proud to say we can provide the best and most efficient services in the area with our fully licensed and qualified staff. We use only the best materials and we do the job properly the first time at a high quality of workmanship. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't take short-cuts! We want our work to stand the test of time.

Austek Asphalt Services are a reliable and committed company regardless of job size, who are highly skilled using safe working methods which are constantly kept up to date and maintained for your peace of mind and the well being of our staff.

Austek Asphalt Services was founded in 2009 by managing director Peter Ozoux and is a family owned and operated business. Peter has over 10 years experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry and holds a certificate III in civil construction & a certificate III in bitumous surfacing.

Our business is built on a foundation of highly skilled and licensed staff who are confident, proud and committed in all aspects of the industry. We can cater for the full range of asphalt services at the highest level and use our own machinery and equipment to get the job done.

Some of our other services include:

Bitumen Spray Sealing

Bitumen Spray Sealing is the most common road surface used in Australia. It is a flexible pavement product that can also be used as a surface treatment in numerous situations including: rural driveways, rural roads and properties, urban & residential streets, highways, sub-divisions, car parks & BMX tracks.Read more...

Pothole Repairs

Let Austek Asphalt Services come out to professionally fix your potholes. If not repaired immediatley these can cause the sub base to deteriorate which can then become a costly asphalt repair or worse case scenario will have to be reconstructed. The longer you leave it the dearer it can become. We use materials of high quality and warrant all our work.Read more...

Crack Sealing

Cracks in pavements allows moisture to penetrate the surface which causes permanent material failure. Failure to seal cracks results in further cracking, potholes and eventually a major pavement breakdown, leading to unnecessary expensive repairs.

Patch Repairs

Austek Asphalt Services has the equipment and expertise to cut, lift and replace sections of road, carpark, driveways etc with ease by our professional qualified staff. We are happy to take on all jobs because to use no job is too big or too small.


This is a more cost effective process to resurfacing as the original asphalt is kept intact and doesn't need to be cut and lifted out. This overlay process however can only be achieved if the original surface is reasonably intact to get the best life possible out of an asphalt overlay.Read more...


To relay an asphalt surface, the old layer first needs to be removed. This is probably the most labour intensive task of the entire operation. Specialist machinery can help however, and it’s common to have one team dismantling the old surface, while a second team begins laying the new road behind. This technique allows entire roads to be resurfaced very quickly.

Road Maintanence

We work with clients to develop and provide specific road maintenance strategies and services, tailored to individual road networks and their operating environments. Our experienced staff are on call to quickly asses and give a detailed report to what may be required to help maintain or what repairs may be required to our Australian road network.Read more...

Handwork Specialists

Unusual and tricky jobs aren't a problem. Maybe you need steps, access paths, spoon drains, speed bumps. Nothing is too difficult for us, you can be assured we will be able to do it.Read more...

Crew and Equipment Hire

Our crew & equipment can be hired or sub contracted out for small or large jobs. Our equipment consists of 2 x Bobcat Profilers, Flocon Road Mantanence Truck, Steel Drum Roller, Multi Tyre Roller, 2 x Positracks, 2 x 5 Ton Combos, 3 x 10 M Tippers with Bobcats & a 3 - 15 Ton Excavators. We have a large crew to operate all the above equipment.Read more...

We pride ourselves on offering superior quality & service with prompt response times from our fully experienced staff. All our staff are fully licensed and have health & safety training along with all necessry construction tickets required. We also have a fully licensed mechanic in our crew giving us regularly serviced and reliable equipment.



Guaranteed Quality

All work is warranted against defective materials supplied by Austek Asphalt Services and workmanship for a period of Three (3) months from the date of completion of work

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Pothole Repairs

Getting a pothole repaired is a small price to pay compaired to the possibility of a lawsuit if a pedestrian trips walking into it or a motorist drives through it and damages their car or worse still has an accident causing serious injury or death!

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Crew & Equipment Hire

We have well trained, licenced and professional crew member that we can hire out with our equipment ranging from sprayseal crew trucks & flowcon road maintenence trucks to steel drum rollers & Bobcat profiler and brooms...